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  • Whether you don't have a blog yet, or you are just looking to take yourself to another level, Blogger Workshop is designed to help you.

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Do you ever find yourself asking questions like:

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    Why can’t I live the life of a blogger or influencer?

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    Why can’t I do a better job, that completely fulfills me?

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    Why can’t I have more followers & collaborations?

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    Why can’t I work from anywhere in the world?

  • If you have found yourself asking any of these questions...

    ...you have what it takes to be a blogger and we have what it takes to teach you how to be an amazing blogger that brands want to work with and people want to follow.

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What you learn in Blogger Workshop:

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    How to create and improve your own individual blog.

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    How to build and grow a dedicated, loyal and active fanbase.

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    How to create and design your own successfull media kit.

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    How to sell yourself to your audience and brands.

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    How to turn your hobby into a well paid job that fulfills you.

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    How to manage, structure and grow your own company.

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    How to find the right name and best topics for you.

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    How to get free and valuable products from brands.

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    How to receive exclusive invites to events around the world.

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    How to connect and work with other high profile bloggers.

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How do we teach you all of this?

You'll get an amazing package full of:

  • PDFs

    Easy and simple PDFs that keep you on track and moving forward.

  • Audio

    Instructional and motivational audio throughout every section.

  • Videos

    Helpful interviews, tutorials and tips from successful bloggers.

  • Support

    24/7 customer support service to answer any of your questions.

  • Templates

    Easy to use handcrafted templates from emails to media kits.

  • Blogger magazine

    Our exclusive magazine keeping you updated on blogger news.

I want all of that

Blogger Workshop is made up of years of blogging skills and business know how.

But who created Blogger Workshop?

Luísa Lión

Luísa Lión

Blogger for over 7 years, TV and online personality, best selling book author, online entrepreneur and blogger coach from Munich, Germany.

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Daniel Baldock

Daniel Baldock

Brand planner & strategist for 9 years, personal branding and partnerships expert, careers and performance coach from Sydney, Australia.

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  • Starter Course

    The Starter Course is an one time payment of $59 and gives you full access to the course from day 1, so you can go through it as fast as you like.

    The Starter Course is for everyone who doesn’t have their own blog yet, but wants to start one.

    It's also for everyone that has had a blog for a while, but isn’t really happy with the name, design, layout or overall experience.

    Even, if you’ve already been blogging for a while, it certainly doesn’t hurt to go through the basics and beginnings one more time, to really understand how to set up a beautiful, interesting and successful blog for the future.

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Invest into yourself

When was the last time you’ve invested into your life? What are you doing today to build towards your goals?

We’ve created the content, you just need to bring the time and commitment. This course comes with: a free entry to our exclusive Blogger Workshop Facebook group to interact with other bloggers. New content with helpful insider tips and tricks. A community where we learn from each other, help one another and grow together. There will be special events and job opportunities to connect you with amazing brands from our portfolio.

We are in this together and we cannot wait to see you grow and become more successful every day.

  • The Blogger Workshop

    The full Blogger Workshop is an ongoing online 12month program including everything you need to know about blogging from to start to making bank. It’s for more advanced bloggers, but also includes the Starter Course and topics such as:

    check How to make money with your blog.

    check How to get amazing collaborations with brands.

    check How to grow a real community of valuable followers.

    check How to set up your business to go fultime blogging.

    check How to turn your blog and yourself into an brand.

    check How to create your own kick ass media kit.

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Ready to change your life?

Choose between our two different courses

  • $ 59
    Plus regional taxes

    Starter Course

    Everything you need to know from start to finish to launch a successful blog and instagram account.

  • Monthly subscription
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    Full Blogger Workshop

    Everything from growing your audience to turning it into a profitable job and blogging business.

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