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12 Presets - Taking pictures is the first step. Now its time to elevate the quality even more to really tell the story you want to be told. To get this first punchy look and feel in your pictures, without deciding on a specific look right away, General enhancement is just right for you – because it can help you polish the little things in your shots – make them a little bit sharper, denoise them or increase & decrease both light and contrast. With that basic enhancement, you can then move on to find your unique style that really complements your unique perspective! 

We would looooove to see the images you create and the moments you shoot, edit & share. Just tag us @bloggerworkshopcom or use #bloggerworkshop – so we can see your work and show you some love!

Cool Side note: You can use them only your smartphone with the free Lightroom CC App or on your Desktop.