Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I log in to the online course?
At if you bought the course before March 1st 2018 or directly at if you’ve recently purchased it.

2. Why can’t I download the PDFs?
The PDFs can’t be downloaded, so no one will copy them and send them around. It’s a legal matter and we are sorry, if you prefer working with print outs and paper. It makes sense to go through the course online though, because we included a few links and website and app tips, so you can click your way through immediately.

3. How long is the online course material available? Is there a time limit or can I log in as long and much as I want to?
There is no time limit yet. Once purchased, you can access the course forever. As long and often as you want to.

4. Which course is perfect for me?
It really depends on what your goal is and what you want to achieve and do. If you are unsure, feel free to use the little chat bubble on this website and tell us a little bit about you and your goals. Otherwise we offer different online courses and packages, and starting in 2018 also offline seminars and workshop days. 

The Blogger Course is made for everyone, that wants to start their own blog or website. It goes into depths about WHY you want to start a blog, what your purpose, passion and goals are and whether you should host your blog on WordPress, Squarespace or Blogger. It also helps you find a niche, topic and name for your blog, so you’re all good to go and start. It is not meant for people that already have a blog, unless you want to start fresh. We are working on an advanced Blogger Course about SEO, Design Optimisation and so on at the moment, but so far the Blogger Course is for starters :)

The Instagram Basic Course is for anyone, that wants to start an Instagram account and learn more about picture editing, lighting, how to take good and engaging pictures and how to build up an audience online. It’s made for starters.

The Instagram Pro Course includes the Instagram Basic Course and much more. It is for everyone, that already has an Instagram account and even a couple of thousand followers or an engaged audience and is thinking about turning Instagram into a side or full-time business and income. In the Instagram Pro Course we go into depth, we tell you everything you need to know about how to grow your audience, how to find your editing style and engage your followers more. It also teaches you everything about collaborations, where to find paid jobs as an influencer and how to make money. We also let you in on the secret of how much bloggers actually make and how much you could potentially make with your social media following and channels. We also give you ideas and tips on how to reach out successfully to brands and shops you want to work with and how to connect with other influencers.

5. Does it still make sense to start with Instagram and a blog? Or am I already too late?
The influencer market is quite saturated at the moment. Everyone wants to make money online and live an independent life, with lots of freebies, gifts and all-expenses-paid travels around the world. In our opinion it has never been as hard to become a successful influencer, BUT it also has never been this easy! Back in the days when Luisa started in 2009 with her blog, Instagram didn’t even exist. Neither did social media agencies and payments for bloggers and influencers. This has changed enormously. Therefore, it is easier to make money nowadays as an influencer, but there are more social media personalities than ever. If you find your niche and you have interesting, unique content to show, there’s still a big market for you. However, we never suggest to start a blog or Instagram account to turn it into your job and make money with it. Your number one motivation should be your passion and interest to share and create good content, videos, pictures, ideas, or creative new forms of media. If money is your number 1 drive, you’re at the wrong address. To be a successful influencer you need to build up influence first and that usually doesn’t happen over night.

Who is the Business Course for?

The Business Course is for everyone that either has a small business, brand or product themselves and wants to work with influencers or needs help with their own social media presence, or anyone that works for a big brand in marketing, social media or PR and needs help on how to work with influencers. This online course is super detailed and starts from A- Z. Explaining all the words and terms used in Influencer Marketing and will help you boost your business and choose the right influencers. Not every influencer can sell or create engaging content, therefore it’s very important to chose your perfect fit. Influencer Marketing can be the most cost-effective and successful form of advertising, if done right.

The normal Business Course is simply online and you go through the videos, PDFs, and audios on your own. The Business Course + Coaching gives you the possibility to be part of one of our exclusive WhatsApp coaching groups, where you can ask Dan and Luisa any question from Branding, to which Influencer you should work with and how much money you should calculate in or what products to use for your store. If you don’t like texting and have a private question, you can also schedule a coaching call with us.

6. What's the difference between the basic Instagram course and the Pro Instagram course?
See answer 4.

7. Does the Pro Instagram course also include the Blogger Course?
No. The Blogger and Instagram Courses are seperated.

8. Where can I send my review and feedback to?
We always love to hear your feedback and see your improved Instagram feeds or new-born blogs or even press articles, first collaborations etc. To be  featured on our Instagram @bloggerworkshopcom or our website, please send us an email to or send us a DM (direct message) on Instagram.