Losing followers online? Not growing any new following?
We always get asked 'How can I grow my Social Media following'?, 'What are your tips to grow'? 

The answer certainly isn't as easy anymore, as it used to be, however, it is not impossible either. After Instagram and Youtube have changed their algorythms again recently, almost every influencer, vlogger and blogger is complaining about the lack of views, likes and reach. It can be extremely frustrating, if you put in all your time and energy to create the best content possible, but then it won't be seen and your followers don't even get a chance to decide wheater they like it or not.

There are some fundamental things you can do to step up your social media game. So here are our 3 easy steps to grow your social media channels, even in a time where it seems impossible to get new followers and likes on your Instagram pictures.

1. Find A Niche And Be Authentic

We've all seen the typical white / pink / grey inspo pages or a picture with a girl's beautiful long hair infront of the Eifel Tower or someone posing half naked only covered in a blanket in a hotel window looking out and over the city. These shots are amazing and often extremely time-intensive and highly produced, however, they also get a bit boring after a while. We all like to be inspired and some day we this one picture that we want to copy and try ourselves. Being inspired and 'copying' someone is a huge difference though! Being inspired by an outfit and buying the same jacket or even the whole look is totally fine, just don't copy the look AND the location and pose. Be unique, find your own style, your own niche and be creative. Sometimes it's tough, we get it! There are soo many instagram and social accounts out there already and it's hard to stand out, but just be authentic and do your thing and don't always compare yourself and your style to other people. If you are unique and truly passionate about what you do - wheater thats fashion, writing, traveling, horseback riding or music - talk about it and share your passion and knowledge with your audience. There will always be like-minded people and you don't need thousands of follower on social media to define who you truly are. Insta fame can be great, don't get us wrong, who doesn't want to travel for free, get packages delivered to their door every week and work with some of the most known brands world-wide?! However, it's not everything! And your followers will notice sooner or later, if you don't really love what you do or if you're constantly copying other influencers. Be someone of influence yourself and share your niche with the world.

2. Post Regularly & Commit To Fixed Posting Times

This might be common knowledge to most of you, but we can't stress it wnough! Posting on a regular basis will get you new followers and an engaged audience. Think about it this way: Why are series so popular or your favorite TV show? Because it's a routine and you always know when and what time it will air. If you post all over the place and throughout different times of the day it is better than not posting at all, but make sure to find a time frame that works for you. Some popular instagram accounts always post their pictures between 8 - 10 pm at night, so their audience already knows they can expect a new spectactular picture every night before they go to bed. In general, we recommend to check your instagram ananlytics, if you can acces them yet, to check the best times for you and your audience. We tend to post either in the morning before 9 am (when everyone is on the way to work) or after work from 7 pm on. Usually, people don't check their phone too much throughout the day when they are working or at school or university. Try to post once a day if you want to turn instagram into something serious. For youtube once a week might be enough, the more important thing is to have a fixed time and a routine, so your followers know when to check and expect something.

3. Create A 'Read Thread'

In German we say, there's a 'red thread' throughout a feed, brand or communication, if it is coherent and always similar. It's basically your CI (Corporate Identity) not only brands need it to have a very successfull and world-wide branding that people immediately associate with them. But you can use it too! If you create a similar style of picture language, posing, editing or colors, people will soon realise it's your picture, before they even see your face. Or better, they will associtae certain locations, clothing pieces, colors or random things with you, that you use or mention a lot. You don't need to find your unique feature right away, just start creating first and always ask for your followers for feedback or ideas - they are usually super helpful and sometimes know your specialties better than you do :)

We hope you enjoyed these quick and simple, but fundamental steps to grow your social media and stay tuned for the next blog post with even more tips and hacks.

xx your Blogger Workshop Team