The two main areas of business we focus on

Help bloggers and instagrammers to grow naturally on the base of great content and help them monetizing their key figures and presence as influencers.

Show companies and agencies how to benefit from influencers and social media to generate real income and grow the brands online presence.

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Our vision

Professional teamwork. Influencers and businesses learn how to work better together, to benefit from each other and ultimately maximize profits on both sides. Blogger Workshop will change the face of the influencer marketing and social media world by educating both sides.

Who are we?

Luisa has been a successful blogger for almost 8 years now. Her blog Style Roulette was one of the first German online presences covering the topics fashion and lifestyle from the perspective of a “normal” woman – with success. Today Luisa is known as a TV and online personality, as a best selling book author, visionary online entrepreneur, established speaker and blogger coach based in Munich, Germany.

Luisa Líon

The open-minded Sydney-native is an expert in personal branding and business partnerships. Daniel has been working as a brand planner and strategist for 9 years. Currently he is also showing his skills as an influencer marketing consultant as well as a career and performance coach. He himself is a blogger too, focusing on fashion, fitness and career advice.

Daniel Baldock

Our Blog

Tips, tricks and news about social media trends and additional information about our online courses.

Professionell Photoediting

Instagram without filters is almost like fries without mayo or ketchup: just not as fun! Back in the days, Instagram started as an image editing app and was one of the first apps to offer filters...
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Instagram No-Go's

Instagram has been so confusing and frustrating lately with constant algorithm changes and extremely decreased reach. However, there are a few do's and dont's for Instagram that everyone...
| Blog

3 Easy Steps

Losing followers online? Not growing any new following?We always get asked 'How can I grow my Social Media following'?, 'What are your tips to grow'? The answer certainly isn't as...
| Blog
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Our current courses

Get full access to the course from day 1, so you can go through it as fast as you like.

Starter Course



Everything you need to know from start to finish to launch a successful blog.

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Instagram Basic Course



Giving you everything you need to create an awesome Instagram page people will love.

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Instagram Pro Course



Teaching you everything you need to know to dominate and make money on Instagram.

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